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About Koretta & Rustic Farmhouse Quilting

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The face behind
Rustic Farmhouse Quilting


I started sewing young...1968 as a matter of fact.

But, the quilting bug didn't hit me until I was a adult.

Like many of you I started as a hobby, then I soon found I had a knack, for precision sewing and flawless execution, So, in 2007, I started a long arm quilting service from my home.

 I love working with my clients, to develop quilts that meet or exceed their expectations. I also enjoy helping clients, either improve their quilting skills or collaborating with them to come up with creative inspiration for their next big project. 


Those projects can vary from, baby clothes to blankets, t-shirt quilts to vintage quilt repair...Just about any creative fabrics arts project

Currently I've been working with my Bernina system and adding embroidery to my quilting work.

I am a member of the Midwest Fiber Arts Trail (Cedarburg Spur).

I volunteer teaching quilting to 4-H and volunteer longarm services to making Veteran quilts for

QOH and QOV.



Custom Quilting

Long Arm Quilting Service

Vintage Quilt Restoration

Custom Embroidery


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